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Listing summary

Storage Move

Job ref: 504587 Date listed: 05-04-2017
Bids: 12 (0 active) Lowest bid: £109.00


Collect from:

Lambeth, London SE1 United Kingdom

Deliver to:

West Kensington, London W14 United Kingdom


Approx. 7 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Storage
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: Flat / House Share
Floor: Third Floor and Above
Lift: No
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
smartgo (52) £109.00 07-04-2017 Declined
smartgo (52) £110.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
barry.sameday (233) £110.00 07-04-2017 Accepted
movemen (17) £120.00 06-04-2017 Declined
movemen (17) £127.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
smartgo (52) £128.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
smartgo (52) £180.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
movemen (17) £189.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
smartgo (52) £190.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
movemen (17) £219.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
smartgo (52) £220.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
movemen (17) £250.00 06-04-2017 Replaced
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Question: Hi
Do you have a approx. list of items? - barry.sameday (05-04-2017)
Response: Yes I do around 50 small/ medium boxes
And it is a 3Rd floor, from storage to, flat 3 floor.

Question: List of items? - top_movers (06-04-2017)
Response: 50-60 small/medium boxes.
From storage to flat 3rd floor. No lift.
Thank you

Kindest Regards

Question: Hi Monica
50 small boxes is a lot!
I can collect & deliver same day this Saturday, between 12 noon to 3pm.
I have no problem with 3rd floor, but will require help up the stairs.
Do you by any chance have a photo of what is in the storage unit?
Hope to hear from you
Thank you
- barry.sameday (07-04-2017)
Response: Hi Barry,

I do not have a photo, of the storage unit at present.
The time is suitable indeed for tomorrow.
I might be able to get a photo. Is just Iam at work at present.
What is you tour fee.?
Thank you

Monica Tavares
Question: Hi Monica
My price would be £100.
Please try and get a Photo
Thank you - barry.sameday (07-04-2017)
Response: Will do, work has let me go home. So I will be able to do so.
Thank you.

Monica Tavares
Question: Hi Monica
My email to send photo is b _ Juriansz @ hotmail. Com

If you don't get a reply from me within 1 hour of you sending
photo, the website has blocked it being sent.
As we are not supposed to exchange details until bid is accepted.

Please ring the website and they could possibly send me the photo.
This all has to happen this evening as the collection & delivery is tomorrow.
Please accept bid at your earliest
Good luck
Barry - barry.sameday (07-04-2017)
Response: Barry,

I managed to get a picture, etc..
Send email soon.
Kindest Regards

Monica Tavares