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Storage / Other Move

Job ref: 129777 Date listed: 06-06-2013
Bids: 9 (0 active) Lowest bid: £60.00


Collect from:

London E12 6JB United Kingdom

Deliver to:

St helens WA10 1DG United Kingdom


Approx. 210 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Storage
Packing services required: Yes
Moving To
Property type: 2 Bed Flat
Floor: Third Floor and Above
Lift: Yes
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Folding beds: 1
Medium: 10
Large: 10
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
nibsvans (143) £60.00 07-06-2013 Accepted
arpcourier1 (103) £198.00 06-06-2013 Declined
ppr001 (51) £199.00 06-06-2013 Declined
arpcourier1 (103) £199.00 06-06-2013 Replaced
arpcourier1 (103) £220.00 06-06-2013 Replaced
ppr001 (51) £222.00 06-06-2013 Replaced
arpcourier1 (103) £223.00 06-06-2013 Replaced
ppr001 (51) £224.00 06-06-2013 Replaced
arpcourier1 (103) £225.00 06-06-2013 Replaced
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Question: only 20 boxes and 1 bed? how soon? - andytransport (06-06-2013)
Response: I'm basically moving my stuff from a small storage unit, everything is either in boxes or suitcases, ( 20+boxes) the bed has already been dismantled.
Looking to move by next Friday.
Question: hi, when can this be done? when can it be collected? can deliver whenever needed, even same day delivery, as based in north-west. let us know cheers stu. feel free to check feedback!! thanks stu - nibsvans (06-06-2013)
Response: I'm looking to make the move next Frdiay, so ill let u know, cheers, D
Question: can do for 180 wed-thu any time - andytransport (06-06-2013)
Response: Ok, I need to arrange time off so leave it with me and I'll confirm things in the next 24hours.
Question: hi, does the collection need to be on the same day? or could for example collect this week, and deliver next Friday? its just I am based in north-west, and have a flat move booked for next Friday, let us know if you can be more flexible, then I can place a bid, thanks stu, could collect as early as this sat if available. - nibsvans (06-06-2013)
Response: Hi, I'd prefer it to be done on the same day however I can be flexible regarding the dates I d just need some time to rearrange things, ill be in touch. D
Question: ok, if you let us know when you have got everything prepared? then I can let you know what dates I am available, its just I have around 30 jobs booked, so need to plan it into one of my routes asap. thanks stu. or if you accept my bid, we can exchange contact details, so you can contact me, once accepted, to discuss collection and deliver times. I can still do same day delivery. let us know thanks stu - nibsvans (06-06-2013)
Response: Ok
Question: if you are ok, to book this evening, I can beat all quotes, thanks stu - nibsvans (06-06-2013)
Response: Lowest quote so far is £180, I haven't accepted it because its restricted by certain dates.
Question: that's fine are you ok, to ok then, and I will place a bid - nibsvans (07-06-2013)
Response: No response yet
Question: *to book then* let us know and I can place a quote. - nibsvans (07-06-2013)
Response: No response yet
Question: if you book this evening, we can exchange contact details to arrange collection date's and times etc, if done. I can do for 160 tonight - nibsvans (07-06-2013)
Response: Ok sounds good