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Listing summary

1 Bed Flat Move

Job ref: 1208286 Date listed: 04-03-2024
Bids: 6 (0 active) Lowest bid: £465.00


Collect from:

Bromley Greater London BR2 0SU United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Kelso Scottish Borders TD57BX United Kingdom


Approx. 365 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: Ground
Lift: No
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 1 Bed House
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
milly7475 (54) £465.00 05-03-2024 Accepted
lutonabz (30) £554.00 04-03-2024 Declined
milly7475 (54) £613.00 04-03-2024 Replaced
michaell15 (149) £729.00 04-03-2024 Declined
top_movers (125) £1,019.00 04-03-2024 Declined
ford69 (83) £1,173.00 09-03-2024 Declined
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Question: Would a Luton Van be large enough for your items - milly7475 (04-03-2024)
Response: It would be too big. I don't have any furniture, only boxes and suitcases and IKEA bags.
Question: ok so we could use a transit size van? - milly7475 (04-03-2024)
Response: Yes, that would be enough space. How much would it cost? And would I be able to travel with the driver?
Question: Have placed a bid or if you have a budget in mind let me know
Yes you can travel with our driver - milly7475 (04-03-2024)
Response: Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know that I can travel with the driver. I do already have an offer for £400 (not on this website), so I am looking for something below that. If you can, I'm interested.
Question: I'm keen to do this job for you, to help me calculate a fair quote would you kindly answer the following question for me:
-Are there any special requirements?
-Do you have any Collection/Delivery dates in mind and are there any time restrictions on the requested date?
-Is the access to both locations easy and clear?
-How many items are there and do any items that require more than one person to manage?

- 82transporteraa (05-03-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Have quoted our best price to include being driven up there (worth over £100) Fully insured, Professional Service its about the best we can do without compromising our service - milly7475 (05-03-2024)
Response: Thank you for getting back to me. Before I make a decision I just want to check in with you the model of the transit van you might use - want to make sure that it will have enough space as I am aware that there are different types of vans. Would you mind sharing that information with me?
Question: We have a range of vehicles SWB2.5m LWB3.5m XLWB 4.2M or Luton Van which size would you be needing - milly7475 (14-03-2024)
Response: I'm guessing that SWB2.5m is the smallest. I'm trying to find a picture of it, but I'm struggling with that. Is there any website that you could share with me where that van is presented? Sorry for asking for that, I just want to make sure that there would be no surprise on the day of the move!
Question: google vauxhall vivaro - milly7475 (16-03-2024)
Response: Vauxhall Vivaro is good for me. I've done the booking and paid the deposit. And as we were talking, I'd like to travel with the driver. I want to move next Monday 25th of March. It would be great to leave Bromley by noon.