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Listing summary

Flat / House Share Move

Job ref: 1143427 Date listed: 18-07-2022
Bids: 20 (0 active) Lowest bid: £373.00


Collect from:

York York YO32 9RA United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 3AF United Kingdom


Approx. 62 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Flat / House Share
Floor: Ground
Lift: No
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 2 Bed Flat
Floor: First Floor
Lift: Yes
Show / Hide Removal Contents
Lounge / Dining / Reception
Sideboards: 1
Dining chairs: 5
Dining tables: 1
Mirrors: 1
TVs: 1
Bureaus / Desks: 1
Coffee / Ocassional tables: 1
Rugs: 1
Bedside tables: 2
King size beds: 1
Chest of drawers, medium: 1
Double wardrobes: 1
Kitchen & Miscellaneous
Ironing board: 1
Vacuum cleaner: 1
Fridge freezer: 1
Large: 2
Medium: 10
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
kays2000 (26) £373.00 25-07-2022 Declined
pjandjt (4) £374.00 25-07-2022 Accepted
kays2000 (26) £385.00 25-07-2022 Replaced
pjandjt (4) £386.00 25-07-2022 Replaced
kays2000 (26) £397.00 25-07-2022 Replaced
pjandjt (4) £398.00 25-07-2022 Replaced
kays2000 (26) £429.00 23-07-2022 Replaced
pjandjt (4) £447.00 23-07-2022 Replaced
kays2000 (26) £465.00 19-07-2022 Lapsed
star_delivery (574) £483.00 18-07-2022 Lapsed
pjandjt (4) £507.00 22-07-2022 Replaced
pjandjt (4) £508.00 22-07-2022 Replaced
lighthaul (9) £508.00 22-07-2022 Declined
lighthaul (9) £518.00 19-07-2022 Replaced
michaell15 (136) £519.00 19-07-2022 Declined
notts_courier (215) £700.00 19-07-2022 Declined
lighthaul (9) £712.00 19-07-2022 Replaced
notts_courier (215) £718.00 19-07-2022 Replaced
82transporteraa (385) £729.00 19-07-2022 Declined
star_delivery (574) £788.00 19-07-2022 Declined
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Question: Good Evening,
I'm keen to do this job for you, to help me calculate a fair quote would you kindly answer the following question for me:
-Are there any special requirements?
-Do you have any Collection/Delivery dates in mind and are there any time restrictions on the requested date?
-Is the access to both locations easy and clear?
-How many items are there and do any items that require more than one person to manage?

Ali - 82transporteraa (18-07-2022)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi, What needs moving?
Look forward to hearing from you,
Thanks Ash. - ashpatel (18-07-2022)
Response: Hi,

I’m moving out of a house share to a 2 bed flat, I’ve updated the listing to show what items need moving but essentially a full flat move. (bed frame, fridge freezer, wardrobe, desk, chest of drawers, bed side tables, various flat pack furniture, tv in box, and then various boxes of kitchen items, clothing etc)


Question: Hi,
Will the larger furniture pieces be flat packed ie bed, wardrobe, table?
What are the dimensions of the fridge freezer, any assistance to load and unload? Thanks - kays2000 (19-07-2022)
Response: Hi,

The wardrobe, chest of drawers and desk are not flat pack but the rest is flat packed and in boxes (table, tv stand, bed etc).

Unsure of the dimensions of the fridge freezer was currently stored at a friends house but it’s a standard size so assuming roughly H1850 x W595 x D668 mm.

I can be on hand to help load but not sure how much help I will be with the heavier items (wardrobe etc).



Question: Thanks for responding, 2 man team will be best. If I can find someone to assist I'll submit my bid, thanks - kays2000 (19-07-2022)
Response: No response yet
Question: Quote for 2 man team (if you can provide help loading and unloading it will be 80 less) I can Collect and Deliver on 31st ( am Collection ) Alternatively, I can Collect and Deliver within 10 Days of Booking ( excluding Friday and Saturday ) between the following hours ( 04:30 and 21:30 ) prior notice will be given the day before Collection and a call 60 minutes prior to arrival.
Please share, if there are any special requirements or restrictions (Collection/Delivery days or times, Parking, Access) prior to Booking

Ali - 82transporteraa (19-07-2022)
Response: No response yet
Question: To secure the 31st you will need to book Today ( 19th ) - 82transporteraa (19-07-2022)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi, have you managed to get this job sorted? If not then we can do it for you ASAP or on your preferred date. Please let me know and I will place a quote. - pjandjt (22-07-2022)
Response: Hi there,

I haven’t sorted yet - I will be booking today - please do submit your quote!


Question: Hi, I have place a quote. Please let me know if that works for you.

Justin - pjandjt (22-07-2022)
Response: Hi there,

I haven’t booked yet I am just waiting on my solicitor to confirm everything is going ahead. I will be booking tonight.

My budget is roughly 350 but i appreciate you are the lowest bid so far. Do you need assistance loading or are there 2 people available?

More than happy to discuss further if needed!


Question: Hi, have you managed to decided on a quote yet? If not then we are still interested in doing the job for you. If the quote was over your budget then please don't hesitate to indicate your budget. - pjandjt (27-07-2022)
Response: Hi there,

I haven’t booked yet - I am looking to do this tonight I am just waiting on my solicitors to confirm today that everything is going ahead!

My budget was roughly £350 but I appreciate you are the lowest so far!

Feel free to call me on to discuss it further!


Question: Okay, thats good with me. You can go ahead and accept the quote so we can share details. And when you do get your dates to move then we guarantee we will be there. There will be 2 men team on the day so we can do all the loading and offloading. - pjandjt (28-07-2022)
Response: Hi there,

Will be doing as soon as my partner gets in from work - Have just have confirmation from solicitors that we are actually completing tomorrow. I can move any day from tomorrow- Monday - would this affect the quote? Do you have a preference? Would saturday or sunday be an option?


Question: Fantastic, we can move you tomorrow afternoon because I will be in the area with another job. We will deliver sameday if not then Saturday. With the quote we should be fine but can discuss in person. - pjandjt (28-07-2022)
Response: No response yet