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Listing summary

2 Bed Flat Move

Job ref: 1127395 Date listed: 24-04-2022
Bids: 5 (0 active) Lowest bid: £650.00


Collect from:

Reading Berkshire RG1 4QE United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Stirling Stirling FK7 0QN United Kingdom


Approx. 402 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 2 Bed Flat
Floor: First Floor
Lift: Yes
Packing services required: Yes
Moving To
Property type: 2 Bed House
Show / Hide Removal Contents
Lounge / Dining / Reception
Armchairs: 2
Rugs: 4
Computers: 1
TVs: 1
Coffee / Ocassional tables: 3
Double beds: 1
Kitchen & Miscellaneous
Ironing board: 1
Vacuum cleaner: 1
Microwave: 1
Cooker: 1
Garage / Shed & Outside Effects
Bicycles: 1
Medium: 12
Small: 2
Large: 17
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
westparkian (109) £650.00 25-04-2022 Accepted
lutonabz (11) £998.00 25-04-2022 Declined
slay3936 (31) £1,173.00 25-04-2022 Declined
eastmoves (91) £1,173.00 25-04-2022 Declined
top_movers (108) £1,531.00 25-04-2022 Declined
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Question: Good Morning,
I'm keen to do this job for you, to help me calculate a fair quote would you kindly answer the following question for me:
-Are there any special requirements?
-Do you have any Collection/Delivery dates in mind and are there any time restrictions on the requested date?
-Is the access to both locations easy and clear?
-How many items are there and do any items that require more than one person to manage?

Ali - 82transporteraa (25-04-2022)
Response: No response yet