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Listing summary

1 Bed Flat Move

Job ref: 1078262 Date listed: 14-09-2021
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £600.00


Collect from:

Sheffield South Yorkshire S11 9EG United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Kingston upon Thames Greater London KT1 2QU United Kingdom


Approx. 178 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: Second Floor
Lift: No
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: First Floor
Lift: No
Show / Hide Removal Contents
Lounge / Dining / Reception
3 seater sofas: 1
Standard lamps: 2
Rugs: 2
Bookshelves: 6
Dining chairs: 4
Bookcases: 2
Dining tables: 1
Bureaus / Desks: 1
Mirrors: 1
Coffee / Ocassional tables: 1
Computers: 1
2 seater sofas: 1
TVs: 1
Bedside lamps: 1
Bedside tables: 1
King size beds: 1
Chest of drawers, small: 1
Chest of drawers, large: 1
Kitchen & Miscellaneous
Microwave: 1
Small: 5
Large: 10
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
sprinter_services (8) £600.00 15-09-2021 Accepted
michaell15 (123) £741.00 15-09-2021 Declined
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Question: Hi, will there be assistance to load and unload? - kays2000 (14-09-2021)
Response: Hi - it would need two people (not including myself).

Just to explain the logistics, as they're a bit complicated: I need to collect keys in Kingston on the same day (i.e. before unloading), so am planning to already be in Kingston that morning to avoid you needing to wait around - I don't know how long the admin will take.

I'd pack everything ready to go over the weekend, and have a friend let you into the Sheffield flat on Monday 27th to load the van. He'll be working, so I can't really ask him to help with loading, but obviously he'll be able to show you exactly what's being moved. I'll then meet you in Kingston with the keys. I can help with unloading, but would still want two movers as I'm pretty small, and would struggle with the biggest furniture on the stairs.

Hope that helps, but let me know if anything needs clarifying.

Question: Hi, thanks for responding unfortunately I will not be able bid for this as I work on my own. Thanks - kays2000 (15-09-2021)
Response: No response yet