What’s included in the cost of transportation!


When listing an item, vehicle or general moves it’s difficult to understand the transport costs associated with your listing.  Sometimes you may think it’s a great quote but others wonder why is higher than you expected. So before buying your antique bureau for a bargain price on eBay consider how much it’ll cost to get it home.  When taking a quote on deliveryquotecompare.com for your delivery take these points into account:

Fuel cost

Most removal companies will include the price of fuel in their quote upfront. However, some have been known to also charge a cost per mile on top of this fee.  All quotes listed on Delivery Quote Compare are the total price including fuel costs.

Moving to/from an apartment complex

When moving to an apartment block, especially one with no lifts some companies will charge extra for the service. The company should be informed of this as early as possible, to save you getting caught by a surprise cost on the day.

Does the route between collection and destination involve toll roads?

When getting a quote companies may have already taken toll roads or congestion charges into account and put that on the price. Make sure you know whether or not the route they’re planning does or doesn’t involve such charges. All quotes on Delivery Quote Compare include further costs such as tolls, its worth bearing in mind though as you might consider a quote to be high but in reality is caused by toll fees or ferry costs.

Does the company offer packing and unpacking services or furniture disassembly?

Some but not all of the companies on DQC offer a packing service that will help you make sure loading and unloading is easier, at least with final adjustments and securing items. Make sure that these are in the fee to begin with or are an option that will clearly add a fee to the total price.

Delivery Quote Compare wants you to have the easiest transporting journey as possible. With these tips, you can get the cheapest and best prices for your time.

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