Van modifications, things to consider

mercedes-sprinter - large courier van

A van is a very practical vehicle. However sometimes it could be just that little bit better. This is where modifications come in. There are a lot of places that offer mods from the practical, to just decorative. You can have every piece of trim on pretty much any van chrome covered. Here are some more practical modifications you can use to improve you van.


Sun Visors

A simple yet very useful piece of kit for you van. It’s just a thick strip of tinted plastic. However they are hard wearing and reduce glare from the sun. It allows you driver safer on the roads in more strenuous conditions. The other plus side is that it adds a certain professional look to the van, like it’s built for purpose.


Rack modifications

Inner van modifcations

There are many was to put racks in and on your van. They allow you to secure items to them in your van. They offer shelving for smaller items. Roof racks offer more space for items on the top of the van obviously. The trade off to these pieces of kit is decreasing the floor space of the van. Therefore, If you use your van for big moves than these may not be for you.

As an extra, if you get a roof rack, a ladder on the back of your door is a good investment to make it easy to reach items you secure up there.


Plywood lining

This is so widely used that many people forget that vans don’t come with it already installed. Plywood lining protects the metal walls of the van from scuffs and bangs from anything inside. They also protect the cargo. The slight bounce of wood is much more forgiving than solid metal. However the surprising impact of this is resale value. It’s much easier to get a good value if there’re no nasty don’t going on.


This just scratches the surface of van modification. There are many others, offering practical and cool looking modifications for you van.  A good place to start your search is Toys4Vans. After that if you use your van for work you can take the new and improved vehicle out with a job on

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