Trade association calls for fuel duty harmonisation across Europe

Fuel costs for haulage firms across Europe must be harmonised if Britain’s road transport industry is to survive.

That’s the view of Transfrigoroute UK, the trade association for the temperature-controlled transport sector. The organisation has written to Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling to demand a Europe-wide implementation of fuel duty for professional road users.

The association is also calling for the stabilisation of fuel price fluctuations for transport, increased taxes on profits made by oil speculation, and for preventative measures to be put into place to minimise the effects of speculation, as well as creating a more systematic use of strategic oil reserves.

In recent years the temperature-controlled transport sector has experienced not only an increase in vehicle fuel, but an unsupportable increase in the price of fuel to power refrigeration units.

Secretary General of Transfrigoroute UK Alan Lines said: “Unlike the rail industry, which survives with huge subsidies from the Government, the road transport industry is taxed to the hilt.

“While we acknowledge that taxation is the responsibility of each member state, fuel costs for professional fuel must be brought into line throughout Europe if the UK’s haulage industry is to survive and to compete on a level playing field.”

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