Top Tips On Sending Kids Toys

urlSo, if you’re unaware that Christmas is only a number of days away then you’ve obviously been living in a cave somewhere. Everyone else should, theoretically, be well on their way to either being completely organised or nearly so, with frantic last minute present buying no doubt on the horizon for at least some of us. But did you know there are alternatives to delivering your presents yourself, especially those bigger, more unwieldy ones that kids toys can often become?

Say you’ve found (or made!) a kids kitchen set, complete with cooking accessories and a tea towel, in that little off the high street store that always has great stuff in stock. It’s perfect for your niece/best friend’s daughter/granddaughter/random female child of your choice, but the store doesn’t deliver and the little girl lives a couple of towns away, however are you going to get it to her? To answer, hiring a local man with a van to deliver can actually be more cost effective than you may imagine.

Smaller courier businesses, or a man with a van, are pros at moving larger, bulkier objects such as a kids kitchen set, boxed and wrapped, and if you can be flexible on collection and delivery times they can be even cheaper. Essentially, they’ll collect when in your area and deliver when in the destination area, usually with a few days of each other in between so they have time to take on jobs along the route or in the same two locations so that it’s more worth their while (not to mention lowering the cost for you).

Even better, use Delivery Quote Compare and get businesses to bid for your present delivery, ensuring that you get a lower price as well as allowing you to review previous customer feedback to ensure you’re picking the best company as well as the best price for your budget. Before you know it your Christmas presents will have almost delivered themselves and you’ll be the best loved person come Christmas Day (except, perhaps, for your courier).

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