The Impact Of Smartphones

SmartphonesSmartphones have revolutionised our lifestyle. According to CISCO, by the end of this year there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people, and approximately 33.3 million smartphones have been sold in the UK alone since April 2005. Smartphone usage has risen dramatically, the ability to tailor the content available to each individual via apps means that the information you need can be right at your finger tips.

Of course, that often depends on mobile provider and location. One such area of the UK that’s long been without any kind of service, has been gifted with WiFi thanks to Virgin Media’s fibre optic network. Yes, as of last year, the London Underground was no longer a mobile free zone. O2 is the most recent mobile operator to sign up to Virgin’s WiFi service, now anyone registered to WiFi on O2 will now automatically receive service at 120 train stations across the underground network. EE and Vodafone signed with Virgin Media last year, making 3 the only network in the UK not to offer free WiFi whilst on the underground, requiring their customers to pay for the privilege.

With mobile’s driving much of today’s purchasing and marketing, it’s easy to see why smartphones are changing the way we shop, search for information, and connect with the world around us. We all have our smartphone preferences, if yours is an iPhone you’ll be pleased to hear that rumours abound of a new model in production but, as ever, details are scarce. Created by computer giant, Apple, the iPhone holds an approximate 28.7% of the mobile market share. A complete overhaul of the iPhone’s operating system is also said to be in the works, with iOS 5S expected to be announced this June.

If iPhone’s aren’t to your taste, check out Nokia’s new Lumia 520, recently released in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range. Priced at the cheaper end of the smartphone market, this new model apparently has a very efficient operating system and is available in a range of different colours.

Mobile retailing has really taken off, with many retailers offering apps to help customers get the most out of their smartphone. But it’s not just retailers who’re cashing in; almost every industry has a series of apps just waiting to be used to make your work life easier. Check out our previous article on apps to help those out on the road for details on our top five apps for those in the delivery industry. With approximately 700,000 apps to choose from on both iPhone and Android operating systems, you’re sure to find something to help.

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