Stobart Drivers on Strike in Doncaster

Over 180 drivers are threatening continuous strike action from 6th December after proposed cuts by haulage firm, Eddie Stobart, threatened job losses just in time for Christmas. This long running dispute means this is the third strike action this year for drivers based at Tesco’s Doncaster DC.

Talks with drivers union, Unite, have failed to produce a satisfactory result, despite a proposed 50% increase in the statutory redundancy pay offered to the affected drivers, and the continuous strike has been set to begin at 12.05am on 6th December.

Relations broke down earlier this year when Tesco transferred the contract to run the distribution centre over to Eddie Stobart, who then issued 183 Tesco drivers with termination notices. The affected drivers have, in some instances, been driving for Tesco for years, and feel that the proposed financial payments fail to take in to account the length of service, pension and other rights normally available. Despite 212 employment opportunities also being offered by Tesco and Eddie Stobart, both in the warehouse and behind the wheel, the drivers are adamant that striking to secure long term employment is the only way to go.

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