Keeping fit while you’re on the road

It can be difficult for couriers to stay healthy and active. Your job can make it tough to get enough exercise, which can lead to issues such as obesity, sleep apnoea and chronic back problems. Lack of exercise is also directly linked to mental health problems such as depression. It isn’t hard to see why these problems occur when you think about the average working day of a transport provider. The traditional “man and van” diet of fast food from service stations makes healthy eating seem like the less convenient option, and not many people would feel like exercising after a long drive. These problems are understandable, but it really is possible for couriers to stay fit and healthy. Finding the motivation is often the biggest hurdle, but if you focus on the longer, healthier life you could lead, it isn’t just possible – it can be enjoyable too.

Having a routine is important, so think about how you will incorporate healthier meals and exercise into your day. Make a healthy packed lunch every morning, incorporating plenty of fruit and water. Don’t forget and give yourself an excuse to succumb to fast food and sugary drinks. Remember, even a short workout is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Easy exercises to do after a long drive

  • Warm up by stretching out your neck, arms and legs.
  • Begin a walk around the service station car park or rest stop.
  • Incorporate squats and bends into an inspection of your vehicle. Squat down to check the tyres and bend over to check the lights.
  • Take short, quick steps as you walk. This will work your thighs and gluteus muscles.
  • To help with back problems, pay attention to your posture as you walk. Point your head up slightly, tilt back your shoulders and lead with your chest.
  • Time yourself. Walk for a minute longer every day.
  • If you are staying in a hotel with a gym or a pool, or there is one near your house, make use of it.
  • When you’re back in your vehicle, continue to pay attention to your posture. Don’t undo your good work by slouching!


Stay motivated by making a list of the reasons why staying healthy will improve your life, and stick it up in your vehicle. Fitness takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it.

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