Cheap Couriers

url-1Sending something via courier needn’t cost a fortune, but it certainly does pay to do your research before accepting the cheapest courier quote on the table. If your item is fragile or valuable then spending that little bit extra time to choose a courier with proven customer service can mean the difference between a broken box and a fast and problem free delivery.

That’s not to say that cheaper couriers can’t provide the service types you require, but choosing from amongst them needs to be carefully navigated. Using a company like Delivery Quote Compare to source your courier requirements means having access to useful information that can help you determine who’s best for the job, as well as getting low cost quotes as a bonus.

When looking through your quotes, be sure to check in to the company information for the courier service provider offering the best bids. Each of our companies receive ratings based on previous customer use, along with customer reviews completed by site users, so you can see who can provide the service you need and who will be cheap as chips but fail to deliver … often literally. Don’t forget that companies have to pay to use Delivery Quote Compare, which will help to weed out those not interested in following through on the jobs they secure, giving you a step in the right direction before you even get started.

Reviewing customer recommendations will give you a good idea of the service you can expect, letting you make the decision to go with another courier if you feel your item won’t be delivered as required. And just because you have your quotes, doesn’t mean that you can’t ask further information. Look in to the small print regarding liability, insurance, and the process for claiming compensation. Ensure the company you are investigating have sufficient and suitable insurance cover for the item you want to send, especially if valuable or irreplaceable.

If budget is really such a concern, use the bidding system in place on Delivery Quote Compare to your advantage. Enter as much information in to our online form as possible to ensure accuracy of the costs you’re being quoted, and then sit back and let the companies come to you!

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