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Groundhog Day


Its Groundhog day Well it certainly feels it, shock that an Island like Great Britain can be hit by snow EVERY YEAR. In Punxsutawney Pennsylvania the groundhog is awoken from his slumber and ventures outside to see if he can spot his shadow. If he does see it then he goes back to bed for six […]

Planning a day’s journey, transporters running efficiently


As a transporter, you know that the more jobs you can do, the more money you can bring in. However, picking too many is how you end up spinning too many plates and disappointing customers. Get your journey to maximum efficiency with these simple ideas.   Plan your route: Fail to plan, plan to fail. […]

Traffic Jam

Driving a van and keeping to the rules


When you’re a van driver on the roads you have a lot to deal with. The weather, your cargo, other drivers being frustrating. One thing you don’t want to have to deal with is legal trouble. In the UK over 60% of business trips are done in a car or van. Across the miles and […]

Preparing your vehicle for cold weather


The weather is turning, the air turns colder, the sky darker and the roads wetter. Winter is coming and the earlier you can get your vehicle prepared the safer you can be. Even if the snows and ice don’t come there are still things to take care of. Things such as: The fluids In colder […]

Bake a Cookie Day


With Christmas nearly here its a great time to celebrate Bake Cookies Day! Yes its a real thing. Perfect for this time of year, prepare a batch for carol singers or guests. Here a simple recipe for custard cookies thats a favourite in our office.   These cookies are easy to make and a great […]

Working at Christmas


The run up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for our transporters, everything needs delivering in time for the festivities and the whole country is shopping.   Hopefully by Christmas eve with the last items dropped of the couriers and delivery people can put their feet up and have a well-earned mulled […]

Christmas Down Under


  I’m not feeling at all Christmassy, I’ve been based in Australia for the past few months launching our Delivery Quote Compare Australian website. So I sat down outside a bar in 38 degree heat looking at the Christmas tree in St Kilda, Melbourne while the bar speakers blasted white Christmas just didn’t ignite the […]

Christmas Deliveries – Last postage dates for Christmas


Christmas Deliveries – Last postage dates for Christmas. Having recently expanded our operation into Australia we’ve been looking at sending presents and packages between our offices. As it turns out we’re pretty much to late to send most things now. To make sure you get your gifts sent to your nearest (possibly not nearest or […]

Parcel Delivery

Couriers and Parcel delivery services, what’s the difference?


We often hear people commenting or complaining about parcel delivery. While some of this may have good reasons, it could also be due to a commonly confused fact. A lot of people think that a courier service is the same as a parcel delivery service. This isn’t true. A courier service is a dedicated delivery […]

Top ten tips for Transporters working with Delivery Quote Compare (Part 2)


The previous half of this list focused on getting jobs using This half focuses on what to do after you have succeeded in getting the work you want. These tips will help you in continuing to get work at a good rate.   If you missed the last blog post, click here to check […]