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Grow your own – Get a greenhouse


Despite the recent cold snaps and Siberian weather making us all feel cold spring, is nearly here and its time to start seeding for your grow your own crops.     The Royal Horticultural Society have a handy online calendar easily showing what to plant and when: RHS Calendar Going into March you can start […]

Can I buy that eBay item? – collection and delivery


Want to buy on eBay but the item is miles away – get transport quotes to make sure you’re getting a bargain fast quotes from real transporters and couriers eBay is the world’s car boot sale with anything from mopeds to mops and sofas to shirts, bargains can be had turning other people’s excess into […]

Tips for Placing Successful Bids


Increasing Your Chance of a Successful Bid One of the most frequent questions we get asked at DQC, is “How can I ensure my Bids are successful?” Particularly for our newer verified and accredited Transporters, who often have no or little feedback to show, successful bidding is a necessity. We are confident that our marketplace […]

Transporting a Motorcycle – safe and secure


Transporting a Motorcycle, 10 tips:   So you have a motorcycle all the freedom and the sheer coolness factor of owning one. Sometimes however you have to move your pride and joy from place A to place B. So how do you go about transporting a motorcycle? Well here’s 10 ideas to get you on […]

Car transport – Ten tips


Car Transport – Ten Tips     So you’ve bought the motor of your dreams. How do you arrange car transport for the collection and delivery of you prized purchase?  How do you get it delivered to your front door? You got it at the right price, in the right condition, a coupe? a convertible? Suitable for cruising […]

Are Post Office Strikes Causing Problems With Your Postal Requirements?


With major disruption within the Post Office seemingly a never-ending news story, it is understandable that disruption to postal services is a significant concern for businesses and individuals alike. Delivery Quote Compare aim to provide a stress free and reliable solution to your parcel delivery dilemmas. In order to help you choose the service that […]

Solutions For All Kinds Of Valentines Gift Deliveries


On the off chance that you’ve managed to miss the build up to February’s biggest holiday (clue: it’s not pancake day) then not only are we here to remind you, but also give you some tips on how to deliver the perfect Valentine’s Day gift without any incidents. Valentine’s Day has some unusual roots; firstly […]

eBay Courier Tips


We’ve all done it; you’re rummaging around eBay to waste some time during a particularly slow moment of your day when suddenly there it is, the perfect item that’ll make your life complete! And then you take a closer look and realise it’s being sold from somewhere 200 miles away and is collection only. Today […]

delivery jobs in london

Delivery Jobs In London


As of 2011, approximately 8,174,100 people lived in London, an area covering 1,570km2 of land and the UK’s capital city. Not bad for a place where the official City is just under a mile square and contains no actual roads (streets, yes, but no named roads). With innumerable businesses, streets and residential areas, the potential […]

Renovating The House – Do It Cheaply!


There’s a reason home improvement shows make for popular television, and the secrets to a successful renovation that shows personality and uniqueness while coming in under budget are always worth watching. Second hand is the perfect way to save some pounds, and will often gain you items that are far better quality than modern day […]