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European Hauliers

As businesses are increasingly influenced by the dynamics of international trade the demand for both international and European haulage services has increased dramatically.

However, as the European road haulage industry is tightly governed by legislation and regulations it is essential that businesses appoint European hauliers that are aware of both European and international haulage regulations, particularly with respect to weight limits and emissions. This guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the key considerations when using haulage companies for deliveries within Europe.

European road transport documentation

The standard international contract of carriage when transporting goods internationally by road is the CMR note. Effectively a contract of carriage confirming that the carrier has received the goods and that a contract exists between the two parties; unlike a bill of lading the CMR note is not a document of title.

The CMR note can be completed by yourself, or by the European haulage company. If you decide to complete it yourself you need to ensure that it has the following information completed:

• The name and address of the person sending the goods, the haulage company and the recipient
• A description of the consignment and the method of packaging
• The consignment weight
• Information relating to any charges associated with the consignment, such as customs duties and freight charges
• Instructions regarding customs and any other formalities
• Time and date when the CMR was completed

Three copies of the CMR note need to be produced; one for the carrier, one for the sender and one for the recipient. Whilst the carrier is liable for any loss or damage to the freight during transit, the sender is liable for any losses associated with the CMR note being incorrect, or incomplete. For this reason alone, if you are unsure or have limited experience in completing such documentation it is advisable to request that your European haulage company complete it on your behalf.

Other documentation when transporting goods internationally

As well as the CMR note, when arranging freight transport within Europe you need to be familiar with the Forwarders Certificate of Receipt and the TIR system.

The Forwarders Certificate of Receipt is used for intermodal journeys. An intermodal journey is one where several different modes of transport are used and the FCR provides proof that the transport company has accepted your goods with irrevocable instructions to deliver them to the recipient.

The TIR system effectively enables vehicles to pass through country borders without the requirement for repeated customs checks. The TIR system applies to the movement of freight throughout the EU, from Russia to Italy.

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