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Listing summary

Single pallet 800x1200 with 3 metal blocks total weight approx. 800Kg

Job ref: 563321 Date listed: 23-08-2017
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £373.00


Collect from:

S40 3AT United Kingdom

Deliver to:

RH5 4EJ United Kingdom


Approx. 180 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Description: Pallets
Weight: 800.00 kg
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
james225 (75) £373.00 24-08-2017 Declined
safcrudd (47) £374.00 24-08-2017 Accepted
james225 (75) £400.00 24-08-2017 Replaced
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Question: Sizes please.
Kef - safcrudd (23-08-2017)
Response: Hi Kev, I have updated the job, pallet is 800x1200


Question: Kev* - safcrudd (23-08-2017)
Response: Pallet size is 800mm x 1200mm.
Weight may be slightly over 800Kg
Question: Thank you.
Obviously a forklift at each end ? - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: Yes confirmed, there is a forklift at each end.
Question: Height? - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: Hi Kev,

Same day is fine - preferable in fact. Can you quote a price?
Question: Thanks. Could you just tell me the height and when you want it delivered.
Kev - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: 700mm inc pallet
Question: Thanks.
When are wanting this collected and delivered John .
Kev - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: Collection within the next week, delivered soon after but it's not urgent.
Question: I only do same day dedicated service.
So whichever day I collect it will get delivered as well.
Kev - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Yes John.
I would need £300 plus the site fee, so I would need to bid £374.
Kev - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: If you are happy with that price , let me know and I'll place a bid .
The only day free next week is Thursday.
So let me know as soon as possible before that day gets booked.
Kev - safcrudd (24-08-2017)
Response: Hi Kev,

Thanks for the quote.

Looks good, please put it on.

I'm waiting for one more bid and then we can go from there.