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Listing summary

Boxes and small house items

Job ref: 1109842 Date listed: 06-02-2022
Total weight: 100.00 kg Total cubic volume: 2.23 m³
Bids: 7 (0 active) Lowest bid: £410.00


Collect from:

Belfast Belfast BT14 8DN  United Kingdom

Collection location type:

Residential address

Deliver to:

Leeds West Yorkshire LS17 7RU  United Kingdom

Delivery location type:

Residential address


Approx. 293 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Description: Personal effects
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 0.91 x 1.22 x 2.00 m
Weight: 100.00 kg
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
82transporteraa (404) £300.00 27-02-2022 Replaced
82transporteraa (404) £374.00 27-02-2022 Replaced
fow0810 (18) £410.00 28-02-2022 Declined
82transporteraa (404) £435.00 27-02-2022 Accepted
fow0810 (18) £671.00 07-02-2022 Declined
speedyg (143) £729.00 07-02-2022 Declined
ciprian1981 (0) £2,095.00 06-02-2022 Declined
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Question: Good Afternoon
I can Collect and Deliver within 10 Days of Booking between the following hours ( 06:30 and 21:30 ) prior notice will be given the day before Collection and a call 60 minutes prior to arrival.

Please share, if there are any special requirements or restrictions ( Collection/Delivery days or times, Parking, Access) prior to Booking.

Subject to help loading and unloading, if needed (Ground floor to Ground floor only, unless negociated)
Ali  - 82transporteraa (27-02-2022)
Response: Hi Ali.

Thank you for the 2 quotes, there has been 2 sent to my email?

Also some further information re the shipment;

We have 1 small fridge, app 20 clothes boxes and app 10 bananan boxes.
In total no more than 3 pallets

Question: Can you please confirm the Box measurements, they dont need to be on pallets will be loading individually. - 82transporteraa (27-02-2022)
Response: There are flat boxes approx sizes 2ft by 2ft, mostly light stuff
Question: It also says Total weight of 100kg, from experience im guessing a minimum Total weight of 250kg - 82transporteraa (27-02-2022)
Response: Yes the weight is per pallet app 100kg, sorry couldnt be exact on the total weight..
Question: Thank you, i will need to amend my quote.
I can Collect and Deliver within 10 Days of Booking ( ground floor to ground floor )

Ill await your decision - 82transporteraa (27-02-2022)
Response: No worries thank you and will await further quotes.
Question: Youre welcome - 82transporteraa (27-02-2022)
Response: No response yet
Question: Youre welcome - 82transporteraa (27-02-2022)
Response: No response yet