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Cheap Furniture Removals – Compare Rates Today can find you cheap furniture delivery services, whether you’re buying, selling or moving home in the UK, Europe or internationally. You can get no-obligation quotes through our free-to-use website and save time and money in the process! There are also a number of specialist furniture delivery companies on our site who can help move more bulky, delicate or valuable items. So whether you need furniture moving halfway around the world or just to the next town, use the form at the top of the page to get quotes from reliable furniture movers in minutes!

What items can a furniture courier help me move?

What do you need to send? You can use our website to arrange a reliable furniture courier service for a wide range of residential and commercial items. Common categories include:  

·       Household furniture, such as tables, wardrobes and sofas

·       Boxes packed with items for moving to a new house

·       Sports equipment, such as home gym machines, punching bags and football nets

·       Garden equipment like chairs, hammocks and trampolines

You can use the form at the top of the page to see what other items you could find a furniture courier service for. We don’t just offer home furniture delivery services either. You can also get quotes for office furniture delivery, including desks, chairs and more. These can be basic or comprehensive, from moving or delivering single items to transporting whole offices if you’re moving base. Simply choose the ‘Office and commercial removals’ option in the quote form if this applies to you.

How to get cheap furniture delivery quotes

Rather than checking websites or ringing up multiple delivery companies, we do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is submit a furniture courier quote request and we’ll find removal companies based on what you need. Simply give us a brief description of the furniture and tell us where it needs picking up from and delivering to. Details to cover include: 

·       What the item is

·       Whether it’s listed on eBay

·       How many people will be needed to move it

·       Estimates of dimensions

You also have the option to upload photos. Once everything on our form is complete, you can then send out a quote request for furniture collection and delivery. Our site works like an auction in reverse, so you can see the cheapest bidders for your furniture. You can then choose the ideal option to fit your needs.

How our no-obligation furniture courier quotes work

Our furniture delivery rate comparison service is totally free to use and comes with no obligation to accept any of the quotes you’re offered. You also won’t be contacted by any furniture courier outside of our website until you decide to go ahead and arrange a job with them. It’s not just courier prices for furniture that you can compare though. The furniture delivery companies on our website have profile pages where you can check reviews to see how they were rated by previous customers. Furniture can be incredibly valuable, as well as holding personal memories, so it’s worth checking out this information to give you full confidence in your final decision.   

What furniture transport options are there?

There are lots of different options and things to think about when arranging furniture pick-up and delivery.

·       Companies can provide a door-to-door delivery or a room-to-room delivery service, depending on what level of help you want. Some of these services will incur extra costs, so you’ll need to factor in your budget to.

·       You can choose specific collection or delivery dates if you require delivery by a certain date. If there is no rush, flexible furniture collection and delivery dates could work out cheaper.

·       Some companies will have specialist equipment and services for handling valuable, vintage or delicate furniture. Others will include insurance in the price of their quote. Would you benefit from this extra reassurance?

As you browse quotes from furniture movers, think about what service features are most important to you and your situation.

What about delivery for buying or selling furniture on eBay?

You can also use when buying and selling items on eBay. Not all sellers on eBay include delivery and large items are often sold on a collection-only basis. But rather than hiring a van and collecting an item yourself, you can use our comparison site to find a furniture courier to handle it for you hassle-free. We are an eBay-approved company. You have the choice as a buyer or seller to use our site to find affordable quotes – all you have to do is enter the item number in the form at the top of the page. Delivery through eBay is also available throughout Europe, not just the UK. So next time you see some furniture you like, don’t dismiss it because it’s miles away and listed as collection-only. Come to and get free furniture courier quotes today.

How much does shipping furniture cost?

 Every job is different. The cost of furniture collection and delivery can vary based  on a range of factors  including:

·       The distance that needs to be covered

  ·        The type of transporter required to move the item depending on its size and weight

·       How many people will be needed to load, move and unload the item

·       The schedule you want to work to

·       What extra services you need, such as room-to-room delivery rather than door-to-door

The best way to find out what your job will cost is to get quotes through our website based on your specific delivery needs. It’s free to request quotes, and companies will see what their competitors are bidding. This means you stand a good chance of saving money as furniture couriers can enter lower bids to compete with each other.

Why choose for help shipping furniture?

Moving home or office or buying furniture online can be stressful. Researching delivery companies and collecting quotes takes time and effort. But by using, you can make the process quick and easy. Over 40,000 people already use our website to compare delivery quotes – here’s why you should join them:

·       You can find a specialist furniture removal company to transport multiple or awkward individual items across the UK, Europe and beyond

·       We’ll collect free quotes tailored to your delivery needs and there’s no obligation to accept them or use our service

·       You’ll save time, money and hassle by comparing furniture courier quotes in one place

·       Each delivery company has a profile where you can see past customer feedback to give you extra confidence in your chosen courier

·       We’re an independent company with no affiliation to any transporter, so none of the quotes you’ll see are promoted or biased 

Get cheap furniture delivery quotes in minutes

Instead of spending hours calling around different furniture movers, use our website to collect quotes in one place in minutes! Simply use the form at the top of the page to tell us more about the item(s) you need delivering, then sit back while companies place bids to complete the job. If you have other things to be getting on with, you can set up email alerts to get notified when new furniture transport quotes come in. Remember: no company will contact you outside of our website until you choose to arrange collection, so you won’t be pestered by sales calls!   



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