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Listing summary


Job ref: 907182 Date listed: 28-05-2020
Consignment type: Commercial freight
Total weight: 16,500.00 kg Total cubic volume: 38.70 m³
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £582.00


Collect from:

Southampton Southampton United Kingdom

Collection location type:

Airport / Port

Deliver to:

Swindon Swindon United Kingdom

Delivery location type:

Business (with loading bay or forklift)


Within 4-8 weeks
Earliest: 30-06-2020
Latest: 28-07-2020


Within 4-8 weeks
Earliest : 30-06-2020
Latest: 28-07-2020

Listing description

Description 20ft Container
Quantity 1
Dimensions 6.10 x 2.44 x 2.60 m
Weight 16,500.00 kg
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
expert_logistics_services (20) £582.00 (Not Included) 29-05-2020 Lapsed
expert_logistics_services (20) £582.00 (Not Included) 02-06-2020 Accepted
Included = Includes applicable surcharges. Not Included = Excludes applicable surcharges.


Question: Do you also need customs clearance and do you have an ETA Southampton. - expert_logistics_services (29-05-2020)
Response: Morning
no it's OK thanks I have clearance already sorted and just to confirm weight 16,500kg
Regards Alex
Question: Hi Alex.
No problem. Do you have an rough ETA for arrival ?
Steve - expert_logistics_services (29-05-2020)
Response: should be leaving China 6/06 next week and actually if you could give me a price on clearance as well always worth shopping around !
Cheers Alex
Question: Hi Alex, Thanks for the update. I will come back to you asap today.
Steve - expert_logistics_services (29-05-2020)
Response: Hi Steve
I'll go with your quote with the customs clearance as well
Thanks Alex
Question: Hi Alex.

Many thanks. Looks like you made an amendment that removed our bid. I could see what the change was and have re-bid.

If you wish to proceed, please accept the bid and we will arrange accordingly. Even if it is a few weeks away, we prefer to get booked on the system and container haulage generally has to be arranged up to 1 week before arrival.

Steve - expert_logistics_services (02-06-2020)
Response: No response yet