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Listing summary

Microfibre cloths

Job ref: 857282 Date listed: 16-12-2019
Consignment type: Commercial freight
Total weight: 10,052.90 kg Total cubic volume: 0.51 m³
Bids: 1 (0 active) Lowest bid: £112.00


Collect from:

Felixstowe Suffolk IP11 3HG United Kingdom

Collection location type:

Airport / Port

Deliver to:

Glasgow East Renfrewshire Council G77 United Kingdom

Delivery location type:

Residential address


Within 2-4 weeks
Earliest: 30-12-2019
Latest: 13-01-2020


Within 2-4 weeks
Earliest : 30-12-2019
Latest: 13-01-2020

Listing description

Description Cartons / Crates
Quantity 19
Dimensions 0.45 x 0.30 x 0.20 m
Weight 529.10 kg (10,052.90kg)
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
expert_logistics_services (20) £112.00 (Not Included) 17-12-2019 Accepted
Included = Includes applicable surcharges. Not Included = Excludes applicable surcharges.


Question: Can the sender secure this to a pallet ? - expert_logistics_services (17-12-2019)
Response: No, it is already on the ship
Question: Ok. Can the import consolidator palletise this for you or will it have to be loose?
In addition, do you need customs clearance arranging and what is the weight of each carton? - expert_logistics_services (17-12-2019)
Response: I have checked and they will palletise it - it will either be 1 or 2 pallets.
Please also quote for customs clearance

Carton sizes 18 @ 85 x 42 x 30cm
and 1 @ 58 x 33 x 29cm

I only have the total weight of 492.1 Kg net or 529.1 gross.
By doing the sums, each larger box will be around 28Kg
Question: Thanks for the update. We will quote shortly. Please read our quote notes.
Steve - expert_logistics_services (17-12-2019)
Response: Great, thanks.
What about payment of the VAT and duty, I do not have a deferment account?
Question: Hi. These would be payable directly to HMRC upon arrival (we would advise the amounts as part of the customs clearance). We would do a FAS entry and therefore no deferment account is required. Full payment would be require at the time of clearance for HMRC to release the consignment.
Steve - expert_logistics_services (18-12-2019)
Response: Great, that is not a problem.
So if we give you the work, you will liase with the company that have the goods in Felixstowe, you would liase with customs, send me a note of fees payable to customs, and once paid you would collect goods and deliver to Glasgow for the price you quoted?
Also, are the goods insured when they are in your care?
Question: Hi Angela,
Yes that is correct, we have an electronic link to the customs system and Felixstowe port.
The insurance for the goods would be limited liability for UK road haulage to cover a total value of £1300 per 1000kgs.
We can quote for additional goods in transit insurance if required, although there is usually an excess of 1% or £250 whichever is greater.
Steve - expert_logistics_services (18-12-2019)
Response: Hi Steve

The goods value will be £18,000, weight approx 530Kg

Please confirm Insurance cost

Question: Hi Angela.

The additional insurance to cover that value would be £28.40 (no VAT).

Steve - expert_logistics_services (18-12-2019)
Response: No response yet
Question: Please note excess as mentioned :
"Excess / Deductible:1% of sum insured or GBP250 if higher each & every claim"
- expert_logistics_services (18-12-2019)
Response: Hi Steve

I would like to book your service together with the extra insurance

Delivery £112 gross for 1 pallet (more if 2 pallets!)
Insurance £28.40
Import clearance £25 net

What are the next steps?



Hi Steve

Just noticed the total weight is wrong, it is far too high! Total weight for shipment is £529.1 Kg, will this change price?

Question: Hi Angela,

Many thanks.

If you could please accept the quote and we can arrange with yourself as the site will then exchange contact details.

Steve - expert_logistics_services (20-12-2019)
Response: No response yet