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Listing summary

A delicate and bulky theatrical/historical dress in a garment bag

Job ref: 807347 Date listed: 12-07-2019
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £85.00


Collect from:

Cardiff CF5 United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Llandrindod Wells Powys LD1 United Kingdom


Approx. 74 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

People required: 1 person (I can help)
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 2.00 x 0.80 x 0.00 m
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
beebar07 (5) £57.00 12-07-2019 Withdrawn
ace_van (36) £85.00 12-07-2019 Quote request
ace_van (36) £95.00 12-07-2019 Replaced
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Question: Hi can this item be laid down on a flat surface to transport as I could collect tomorrow afternoon with delivery Monday let me know if this works for you with regards Barry - beebar07 (12-07-2019)
Response: Hi, Yes, laid down flat, or hanging up from the coat-hanger inside the bag. I am just getting quotes at the minute to see if it's doable - so not ready just yet to send. Thanks! All the best.
Question: Thanks for your quick response I’m going to Llandrindod on Monday so would need to collect either tomorrow afternoon or Sunday afternoon as on Monday morning I have to go to whitland near Carmarthen to drop off a table and then to Llandrindod so I will place a bid which should be with you in the next couple of minutes with regards Barry - beebar07 (12-07-2019)
Response: Thanks Barry, but I'm awaiting a response from a 3rd party before I commit to sending this. Hopefully they will get back to me soon/before end of w/e.
Question: Thanks that’s not a problem I will leave the bid stand until Sunday morning Barry - beebar07 (12-07-2019)
Response: No response yet