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Listing summary

Piaggio zip 50cc scooter

Job ref: 804948 Date listed: 05-07-2019
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £145.00


Collect from:

Newport Newport NP19 7RE United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Falmouth Cornwall TR11 2TD United Kingdom


Approx. 193 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

People required: 1 person (I can help)
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 1.50 x 0.50 x 1.00 m


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Bid Amount Submitted Expires
patrickunited (112) £145.00 06-07-2019 Accepted
patrickunited (112) £176.00 06-07-2019 Replaced
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Question: Hi....when can this job be done...can this be collected and delivered within 7 - 10 working days ...cheers - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: Yes, but if you could also provide a quote for a 3-5 day pick up too that would be great.
Question: hi...3 - 5 days quote would be high ....1-3 days is higher...a fixed date is the highest ....7 -10 days is the lowest...thats how the website works...i can still do the job next week if thats ok with ....before thursday - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: What day would suit you.... and I’ll propose it to the other party
Question: pls tell him between Wednesday and thursday - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: Will do. I’ll touch base later. KR James
Her Ref: 804945
Question: ok..cheers - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: Hi Patrick,
I appears my wife has been in contact with you too and that you’ve come out best on quotes thus far and have been most efficient. As a result if your happy to proceed with the quote to her at £145 then it’s a goer.
I’ve instructed the seller that Wednesday or Thursday is best for you.
How do we proceed?
KR James
Question: pls accept the bid and pay the deposit and we can go from there...am based in bristol... - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: So that my wife doesn’t have to pay could you send me the £145 so that I can pay for the lot. KR James
Question: hi...i dont get what you mean pls - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: My wife has requested the same deliver for the scooter. You have quoted her £145.
Question: she has to accept the bid first by paying the deposit on the website - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: Agreed, but could you send the quote to me so that I can accept the quote and proceed.
I’m happy to proceed.
Question: i have just done it.. - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: No response yet
Question: i have just changed the quote to 145...pls check - patrickunited (06-07-2019)
Response: No response yet