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Listing summary

Chests of Drawers, x 5

Job ref: 760914 Date listed: 11-02-2019
Bids: 12 (0 active) Lowest bid: £49.00


Collect from:

Leicester Leicester LE2 7QE United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Colchester Essex CO4 5ZW United Kingdom


Approx. 126 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

People required: 1 person (I can help)
Group 1
Quantity: 2
Dimensions: 1.72 x 0.45 x 0.75 m
Group 2
Quantity: 3
Dimensions: 0.58 x 0.45 x 0.75 m


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Bid Amount Submitted Expires
best119 (377) £49.00 12-02-2019 Accepted
nigel1066 (172) £55.00 12-02-2019 Declined
best119 (377) £58.00 12-02-2019 Replaced
whittington1 (51) £60.00 12-02-2019 Declined
whittington1 (51) £75.00 11-02-2019 Replaced
best119 (377) £78.00 11-02-2019 Replaced
whittington1 (51) £80.00 11-02-2019 Replaced
maxx43 (421) £120.00 12-02-2019 Declined
whittington1 (51) £130.00 11-02-2019 Replaced
nigel1066 (172) £135.00 11-02-2019 Withdrawn
angelo71 (1) £252.00 11-02-2019 Declined
star_delivery (311) £295.00 12-02-2019 Declined
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Question: Hi good morning I am in Leicester Thursday morning where I can collect your items and deliver to colchester's someday once you have looked at our feedback this is the type of work we carry out looking at the quantity to ensure space this will need to be booked sooner rather than later - nigel1066 (12-02-2019)
Response: Ok, would you be interested in quoting for my other job, the table from CO10 0SW in the same trip?
Question: Thank you for your reply I can do that for an additional 55 pound due to the table cannot be taken down and will need to be transported in one piece this will take up a lot of space
Thank you - nigel1066 (12-02-2019)
Response: Hi, Would you still be able to do this Leicester to Colchester job? I accepted a cheaper quote but that provider has just contacted me to say they can't now deliver. I've made a new listing of DQC, so if you can still quote for that, we'll go ahead. Best regards, Jason
Question: Hi Jason I can do this job tomorrow which wont be a problem now I have looked at the job properly the only way i will do this is to the table as well other wise the job is not viable which is why you got turned down i will do both jobs for 110 one last thing what is carried i think is gplan which needs looking after and there's almost a van load - nigel1066 (13-02-2019)
Response: No response yet