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Listing summary

Solid wood corner linen/bedroom/kitchen/storage cupboard, painted in lamp w

Job ref: 751522 Date listed: 12-01-2019
Bids: 9 (0 active) Lowest bid: £98.00


Collect from:

Buckley Flintshire CH7 2HL United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 1NG United Kingdom


Approx. 92 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

People required: 1 person (I can help)
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 7.62 x 10.36 x 1.83 m


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Bid Amount Submitted Expires
maxx43 (418) £67.00 14-01-2019 Expired
maxx43 (418) £68.00 14-01-2019 Replaced
arrows (414) £68.00 14-01-2019 Expired
dirceu1000 (4) £69.00 14-01-2019 Expired
maxx43 (418) £74.00 13-01-2019 Replaced
george15 (430) £75.00 13-01-2019 Expired
maxx43 (418) £87.00 13-01-2019 Replaced
george15 (430) £94.00 12-01-2019 Replaced
arrows (414) £95.00 12-01-2019 Replaced
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Question: Hi, when do you need this to be done? Any dates in mind? We are ready to proceed with this job! Aaron - arrows (14-01-2019)
Response: Hi it’s for sale on eBay haven’t brought it as I think the price of delivery makes it too expensive. Thanks for your quotes. Kind regards sally
Question: There is also site deposit fee added to the amount, my quote is for 54 pounds, the rest is site deposit fee. - arrows (15-01-2019)
Response: No response yet