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Listing summary

Two sofas

Job ref: 155756 Date listed: 31-10-2013
Bids: 8 (0 active) Lowest bid: £82.00


Collect from:

Kings Lynn PE33 0EJ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

SAFFRON WALDEN CB11 3HB United Kingdom


Approx. 53 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Quantity: 2
Dimensions: 2.19 x 1.09 x 0.86 m
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
nibsvans (143) £82.00 01-11-2013 Withdrawn
deliverynat (325) £82.00 01-11-2013 Accepted
deliverynat (325) £83.00 01-11-2013 Replaced
jamesmovers (55) £83.00 01-11-2013 Declined
nibsvans (143) £85.00 31-10-2013 Replaced
deliverynat (325) £123.00 31-10-2013 Replaced
jamesmovers (55) £124.00 31-10-2013 Replaced
mike06061966 (5) £125.00 31-10-2013 Declined
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Question: Hi,when are you looking for this items to be collected and delivered?


Brett. - mike06061966 (31-10-2013)
Response: I am going to pay for them this evening on PayPal. It is then a case of agreeing a time with the seller. I would prefer a weekend, but realise that it might not be this one.
Question: Hi,i can collect and deliver on thursday 7th nov.Thanks - mike06061966 (31-10-2013)
Response: No response yet
Question: I have a job booked for. Kings Lynn. So cn do this week if accepted - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: No response yet
Question: What. Type of sofa. Are they? Recliner? How heavy - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: They are two Laura Ashley sofas. Two measurements are:

Height=86cm Width=219cm Depth=109cm
Height=86cm Width=199cm Depth=109cm
I have to speak to the seller this afternoon about collection dates. When you say this week, do you mean tomorrow or the weekend?
Question: Yeah got a rocking horse I'm collecting today. To go there pe31 - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: No response yet
Question: Is that okay? - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: I can't speak to the seller until later on this afternoon, so I don't know a pick up day or time yet until I do.
Is there any chance of this on Saturday please?
As soon as you can tell me if Saturday is good or not, I can go back to seller and get this all booked. Cheers
Question: no ideally I need it tomorrow, as I am in kings lynn. Saturday booked elsewhere. thanks stu - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: The problem for me is I can't get home any earlier than six tomorrow to take delivery.
I might be able to get someone to let you in tomorrow. What time were you thinking?
Question: All msg u in the morning when I have an eta for delivery - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: Ok. I will need to double check that it's ok with the seller too, so estimated times as soon as you can would be good, in case it doesn't work for them.
Question: Will message you in the morning when I have an eta for delivery - nibsvans (31-10-2013)
Response: Ok, as the seller will need some idea. He works locally to the pick up, but still needs to know in advance so he can get cover.
Same for me the other end, getting someone to meet you.
Have you got a mobile number, would be easier?
Question: We can't provide contact details until accepted and we are committed to other jobs now sorry. Stu - nibsvans (01-11-2013)
Response: You told me you would contact me this morning with a rough ETA. I would've then used that to confirm with the seller and then accepted the job. Thanks!