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Listing summary

1 chaise lounge

Job ref: 1209641 Date listed: 17-03-2024
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £175.00


Collect from:

Godalming Surrey GU7 1XE United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Ashton Cornwall TR13 9SG United Kingdom


Approx. 265 miles


ASAP (1-3 days)


ASAP (1-3 days)

Listing description

People required: 1 person (I can help)
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 1.64 x 1.17 x 1.04 m
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
milly7475 (37) £175.00 17-03-2024 Accepted
milly7475 (37) £264.00 17-03-2024 Replaced
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Question: Yes we can deliver on that day - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: Would you be willing to reduce the quote to £175? I know its alot to reduce by...I tried to get the item in my car to take back this morning but was unable to make it fit so upset that I need to pay out for it to be moved...but I do need it for my mother on Wednesday and can not think of another way to get it to her!
Question: it would have to be on our 2/3 day service to co load with another job - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Question: Could we collect on the 20th and deliver on the 22nd to enable us to fit your budget? - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: or could we collect tomorrow and deliver on wednesday? - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: Yes please...collecting tomorrow and delivery on Wednesday 20th would be perfect. For £175 yes?
Question: yes will send over an invoice once you have accepted thanks - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: yes please accept then we can book it in - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: I have had a quote for £79 from another person who can also deliver on Wednesday.
Thank you tho x
Question: Sorry we could not help you, your probably found a good price but please check they id as sometimes low prices mean you never see the goods again just check them out all the best - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: Ah, yes.....I am so worried about this as never used this type of service before and parting with alot of money....okay....please could I accept your offer for delivery on Wednesday instead?
Question: no problem look forward to your acceptance - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: How do I accept the new price of £175? It will only allow me to accept the original price?
Question: will amend now - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: amended - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: For your information your item will be fully insured and tracked along the route, we contact the collection 1 hour before, and same for delivery.
We are a limited company registered at companies house Cardiff can disclose full details on acceptance - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Our office is now closed but when accepted you will have our phone number out of hours - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: Thank you, I have just confirmed and payed.
It didn't say anywhere of confirmation that delivery will be on Wednesday. I am so worried. Please could you just confirm
Question: Call craig on 07940 158000 - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: What is the number to request a refund please?
Question: Please can you supply contacts number for collection? - milly7475 (17-03-2024)
Response: Of course...
It's 07833205778
Craig was unable to arrange delivery for the Wednesday.
Please could I ask for a refund and I will seek help else where.
Will.ait.your reply.