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What is a European courier?

A European courier moves goods and packages to Europe. Last time we looked, Great Britain was still an island separated from mainland Europe by that strip of water called the English Channel. This means that any items needing to be transported from the UK to Europe need to cross the water somehow. This in turn makes the movement of goods overseas a lot pricier than domestic routes. That’s where we come in.

Using to find the cheapest European couriers

Getting a European courier to take your goods abroad can be expensive, but there is a way of transporting your items to Europe for less than a quote direct from the main European couriers.

The idea is simple. All you need to do is complete our quick quote form letting us know what you want couriered and to which destination in Europe. Once completed the quote request becomes visible to all our customer-rated European couriers who can then quote for the job. And here’s the clever bit. If a van has already been booked to go on a run to Europe, the chances are that it will have some extra space in it going there and/or coming back. This means the courier can maximise their journey by offering you the spare capacity at a lower price as they have covered their costs with the load already booked, you can find some low-cost, more affordable cheap couriers compared to the expense of going direct to the delivery company for a quote.

Sending goods back from European countries using a courier

One of the biggest markets for us is people wanting to send goods back from Europe to the UK using a courier. You can get the best delivery quotes possible from European couriers heading back to the UK by way of a ‘return load’, as rather than head back from Europe empty, courier service companies would rather fill their vans with return load jobs, even at discounted courier rates. More about courier services here.

So, if you’ve been living abroad and are coming back to the UK, whether you’ve been travelling, on a student exchange, working on assignment abroad or doing a season, getting a courier to transport all your stuff is often the cheapest way of getting it all back.

And contrary to popular belief, European courier companies don’t just take small packages. They can load up bikes, skis, boxes of clothes, books, whatever, as long as you know the overall weight and volume (see our section below).

How European courier services work

Many European couriers are specialists in their field and have fleets of vans that drive regular routes to all the main European countries such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Others will use affiliated companies in each country to carry out the European leg of the journey for your couriered goods.

Either way, there are strong courier connections with all 27 of the countries and territories in the EU, so services are quick, efficient and reliable, with couriers completing most consignments within two to five days. This is helped with the relaxed trade and business barriers throughout the European community.

If it’s urgent, you can pay for an express European courier service, which will guarantee the package’s arrival on the same day, 24 hours or 48 hours later, however these services will be subject to strict size and weight restrictions.

Why it’s worth opting for a European courier

Many people who use are looking to send one off items to Europe and compared with the cost of taking the goods out there yourself, using a specialist European courier to do it for you can work out far cheaper.

Once you’ve taken into account the cost of the ferry or plane ticket, how much you’d spend on petrol or a hire car and the fact that you’ve got to drive on ‘the wrong side of the road’, leaving it to the experts really does pay and if you can get your items in a van that’s already going there anyway, the service will be much cheaper.

What to look out for when choosing your European courier service

Once the free quotes start rolling in, you will be able to compare and contrast the deals being offered. runs as a reverse auction, that’s to say all the European couriers on there can see what competitors are bidding, so the prices should fall. You will then need to look at what’s being offered including:

- amount of insurance with your goods to Europe
- if tracking of your consignment is offered
- if the courier will collect from you or you have to drop the package off
- if the courier guarantees collection times
- the estimated delivery time

This is why with Delivery Quote Compare there is no obligation to accept any of the quotes you’ve received. That way, you don’t have to accept the cheapest quote for your European courier job either; it’s up to you to select your level of service in relation to price.

Our tips for sending goods by European courier

You can pay for a courier firm to even pack up your goods before they go on their way to Europe, but most of us want the best value, which means preparing the goods for transit ourselves.

If the items are small, such as gifts or items bought or sold on the internet, you will need to package them so that they can securely withstand handling by multiple individuals, especially if they’re to be sent as a European parcel delivery. If you are sending larger more household style items, you can check directly with the European courier as to how you should best prepare items.

Whatever goods you want to send, all quotes are based on the volumetric weight and then the actual weight, whether you’re bringing lots of goods back from Europe or sending just one package abroad.

European couriers are dab hands at working out the space your items will need, but it will help you make your plans if you can work it out too. With all measurements in centimeters, multiply length x width x height and then divide this number by 5000 to give you the volumetric weight in kilos. The courier may also need to know the volume of your goods in cubic metres.

European courier rates

Once the items are ready to send our free to use price comparison service will enable you to compare the costs of European couriers without so much as picking up the phone! Simply enter details of your consignment, including collection and delivery addresses. We’ll then match those requirements against 100s of customer rated European couriers, who will then submit prices direct to you.

All quotes are provided free of charge and without any obligation to accept, so if you're looking for a cheap European courier click the button below and start receiving great low prices today!

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