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What is an eBay courier?

An eBay courier is an individual or company that will specialise in arranging the collection and delivery of items listed on eBay. At any one time on eBay there are over 900,000 items listed on as ‘pick up only’. But these days that doesn’t mean you can’t bid and buy the item if you’re unable to collect yourself. Using dedicated eBay courier companies means you can now get goods you’ve won at auction on eBay couriered straight to your door, even if the delivery is miles away from the seller.

A whole new network of eBay couriers has sprung up in the UK. These mainly home-based drivers will collect the eBay items you’ve bought from the seller and then deliver them to wherever you are in the country. It may sound like an expensive way to get your goods delivered, but it needn’t cost much if you know where to look for your eBay courier.

Organising an eBay delivery

Finding eBay couriers who can pick up your item and deliver to you is easy. No need to trawl the internet trying to find a courier in an area you don’t know, instead you just use Our simple to use and easy to navigate website is completely free for anyone looking to get items bought on eBay delivered. and eBay

Whether you are an eBay seller, or an eBay buyer we can help you find the most appropriate, cost effective eBay courier service for your items. We can do this because we are an eBay compatible application which means that we are able to extract information, such as location, weight and dimensions on a particular item using just the item number. 

This means that all you have to do is enter your eBay user ID and the eBay item number. Our website then captures all the relevant information from the eBay seller’s listing and then we can set about matching your requirements with suitable eBay delivery specialists.

Registered companies will then send you quotes for the job. Our site works as a reverse auction, so every courier quoting to move your eBay item can see what the competition is posting as a price, this means the costs will get lower as the bidding goes on meaning you could finish up with some very cheap couriers for your eBay delivery!

Choosing your eBay courier

Once you start to receive quote, make sure you take time to browse and compare the different deals on offer. Prices may vary according to the length of time the collection and delivery will take, to how much insurance is offered for the goods in transit. Decide what service level you require and if you have any questions, you can contact the eBay courier via our secure on site messaging system.

You should also have a look at each eBay courier’s professional profile on our website, as this is where you’ll find comments and reviews from previous customers. That way, you can check out the courier before selecting your preferred quote.

Save time and money with our online eBay courier finder

The main reason thousands of customers come to us is that they know they will save time and money. There is no need to go to the lengths of trying to hire a van to do a return trip just to go and collect that bargain garden furniture you spotted on eBay. If it’s too big and bulky to get in your own car, why waste time even trying? We think you’ll find the quotes you get back from our suppliers will surprise you too. After all, there’s no point bidding for that much-coveted article if it costs twice what you paid for it to get it delivered!

Don’t forget our service isn’t just for eBay buyers. If you’re a seller and want to arrange delivery we can help too. The process is exactly the same and you will receive quotes from us for free.

More than just eBay couriers

And it’s not only eBay buyers and sellers who can benefit from our system. Anyone who likes internet shopping and spots a bargain on a classified ads site like Gumtree, Loot or Adtrader can now get great low prices whatever the goods are and wherever they are. So whether it’s an eBay courier or any other form of transportation you’ll find the best deals on

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