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If you are arranging delivery of an item weighing more than 30kg you will probably find that the most affordable option is a cheap courier service. The advent of the internet, as well as the growth in the ‘Man & Van’ freelance business model has increased the level of competition within the courier market, making prices much cheaper and far more economical for this type of delivery service.

Whereas previously the industry was dominated by a small number of large delivery companies, since the turn of the millennium the self employed delivery driver has captured an ever increasing share of the courier services industry, spawning a growth in what is regarded now, as the discount courier market.

What is a discount courier?

Discount or cheap couriers are effectively self employed delivery drivers, usually operating from home with a single vehicle. In the UK today there are literally thousands upon thousands of cheap, low cost self employed couriers, drawn to the industry in part due to the low cost of entry, as well as the increase in work available as a result of the continued growth in internet trading, which invariably involves delivery of the goods.

Websites such as eBay have played a particularly large role in the development of the market as they have helped create a generation of independent traders (both commercial and private) all of whom require an ebay delivery service in order for their goods to be delivered both cheaply and quickly. As consumers become more cost conscious, traders are increasingly on the look out for cheaper couriers to handle their deliveries.

What to expect from cheap couriers

Although the terms affordable, or low cost often implies poor quality that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to cheap, low-priced couriers. The reason why the cost of such services has decreased in recent years is largely due to the way in which technology has opened up the market. The development of price comparison sites such as have revolutionised the market by allowing independent delivery firms access to a far wider range of jobs than they would previously have had access to. This in turn has enabled them to secure multiple jobs along a particular route (whereas previously they may of only had the one), which has enabled them to reduce the cost of each individual job and leverage in cheaper prices. It’s a simple case of efficiencies of scale; by operating at a greater capacity without an associated increase in costs, couriers are able to provide a much more affordable, less-costly service. With couriers, cheap doesn't mean nasty!

Finding cheap courier providers

The easiest way for finding the UK's cheapest courier providers is by using comparison sites such as The way it works is incredibly straightforward: Just enter details on the item which you need delivering, including the collection and delivery details and the size and weight of the consignment and we will match it against 100’s of the UK's cheapest providers in the courier sector. Those couriers who are interested in the job compete online to win the job which ensures you get the cheapest prices that couriers make available.

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